Sasquatch in the traditions of the Coast Salish tribes

My cousin saw a family of Sasquatch and he said they were huge! He also said they have a deep loud voice that he can’t imitate as hard as he tried.

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Sasquatch in the traditions of the Coast Salish tribes

The classic name Sasquatch is a word in Chinook dialect derived from a Coast Salish language (Halkomelem) from the lower Fraser Valley, written sasq’ets in phonetics, but pronounced suhsq’uhich.

Coast Salish – Stalo (Fraser Valley)

”Sasquatches are usually seen singly. They are described as men, covered with dark fur, more than eight feet tall, who leave footprints about twenty inches long… The Sasquatches would cause unconsciousness if they touch a person, they would abduct women whom they would keep, they would cause those women to have half-human children and they would steal fish and other food for their Native wives and their children. They were said to have some form of simple language which some women learned and if the woman managed to escape and reenter society, she would suffer bouts of unconsciousness because she had been with the Sasquatches and…

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