ET’s Cloning Humans And Trading Them Universally

Incredible Story but a possible pièce in Ufology!

Find The Light

Steve had repressed memories which he wanted to remember and wanted a therapist who would have understanding towards this area of our reality. Steve went through a traumatic childhood and wanted to put the dots together to help understand what actually went on in his childhood. He had to this point done a lot of self healing and considering the trauma in childhood he was stable well rounded being. He was spiritually awake and a healer himself. There were strange things regarding his childhood which he didn’t fully understand and wanted more clairty on. One being very fearful as a child around bedtime and having military skills at the age of 11 on wards. In his teens he suffered alcohol and drug abuse and suicide intentions. Steve was  and is psychic and empathic.

During our first chat the energy was very heavy and lots of healing was taking place just…

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