ARCTURIANS via SUZANNE LIE – Threshold to the Fifth Dimensions – 5-29-17

This is truly exciting to look forward to the Firth dimension and Beyond! Time will Tell! Love and faith Always!

Higher Density Blog

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie
How did we get here?
Where are we not?
What did we learn?
What did we teach?
As we move deeper and deeper into the fifth dimension,
Learning and Teaching are intertwined.
We talk a lot about the fifth dimension, and many humans believe they understand what the fifth dimension is like. However, as we come closer and closer to the threshold of the fifth dimension, we are beginning to realize how little we know about it.
We have imagined it, dreamt it, wrote about it, and even think we have visited it. However, the frequency network for fifth dimensional reality is very challenging for one who has, NOT YET, totally transmuted into fifth dimensional consciousness.
The most challenging part of this transmutation is to actually believe that you ARE, indeed, functioning primarily within the Flow, not just of your 3D/4D reality, but…

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