Those two VT articles from 2013 Exposing the Snowden-Assange “Whistleblower Limited Hangouts”

I get à kick out of” the pathetic gullibility of targeted populations!”(Sheeple!) The Sheeple are waKing Up! Thank God!

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edward_snowden_head_shot_3julian_assange_120926_video_snip_150First off, I do not know exactly why this has been so “blockbustery” in my mind, but I’ve felt like tonnes of stuff was opening up about this thing called “limited hangouts“, in particular with Edward Snowden (and Julian Assange).

So I got my mocha yesterday, but instead of reading the Ian Greenhalgh Russian report article, I read the two VT articles that were published shortly after the Ed Snowden NSA-spying-on-everybody revelations came out (on 6-6-13). I paid no attention to these at the time, as I was just starting out the 2013 Turtle Island Journey, and was likely having coffee at Bellano Coffee (coffee artwork here).

I’m posting the titles of those two articles and a few highlights from each. For myself, this information has been very “mind opening” as to how the NWO (CIA, USA CORP, etc.) creates and uses “limited hangout ‘whistleblowers'”…

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