The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear [Pete Santilli]

I appreciated Niel Keenan for his work to free humanity from the grips of the Cabal!

Covert Geopolitics

Pete Santilli is among those new mainstream media [alternative media] journalists who have a different take on everyday issues. He just interviewed men behind The Keenan Group for the first time about what most of us may already know by now here on this blog. Yet you may not know still who are some of the financial experts working with him.

And it’s very helpful to our collective efforts to bring the issue of the Collateral Accounts to mainstream consciousness so that the people will fully understand the real story behind WTC 9/11 and the rest of the “war on terror”, as most people today are seeking compelling reasons why it should be classified as a false flag operation rather than a genuine act of terror by people hiding in caves thousands of miles away.

A show like this will help in that effort.

Hear new mind-blowing insider information for…

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