A “Good Sign” for Maui… 11-4-14…”Proposal to ban GMO crops on Maui passes”

I agree we must not accept anymore round up or GMO crops worldwide until we know it is safe. I don’t believe it is since rodents are getting tomours consuming it.

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maui_2This is great news for Maui. And it indicates that, despite being outspent 133 to 1, the people found their way. Thanks to the SHAKA Movement.

What I also see here is the “oft used phrase by corporations and businesses that are not interested in protecting the environment and practicing Aloha ‘Aina”… “We are deeply concerned for the 600-plus workers and their families, local businesses, farmers and taxpayers that will be negatively impacted”.

Honestly, those types of statements are just smokescreens to try to fool the people into keeping these criminal (to the people and the ‘aina) corporations and businesses going.

As the Kingdom restores itself, these types of companies will leave. They will not have any support to stay here.

“”It’s the triumph of the people over the corporations,” said Mark Sheehan, spokesman for SHAKA Movement, who was at the station. “We’re surprised and delighted and thrilled.”

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