Corey Goode (with David Wilcock)… “Excerpts from his recent article relating to Trump, the Alliance, and the cabal”

Amazing disclosures Under way!

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corey_goode_intel_update_logo_2The recent article is here (“Are We Navigating…”) (Kp blog posts here, and here). I felt it would be useful to post clearly, by themselves, the portions of that article that referenced those three items in the title.

For myself, after viewing multiple sources of information, it became very clear that “The Donald” represented a clear and present danger to the cabal, could not be bought by the cabal, and was willing to stand out in front of everyone on the planet and say so. A wide variety of others, like James Gilliland, Lada Ray, pointed out the same. And it also became clear to me that the “cabal choice” was Hillary. So then when I read here that Gonzales told Corey that “Donald Trump is indeed being backed by the Alliance“, that was another strong piece for my “data book”.

I feel it is very…

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