Hypothecation, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 17

Holy Crap! This article is a eye opener and iam sure it applies up in Canada too! This is too much! It’s a crime so big it must be de alternative with. Times are Changing and the People are waKing Up! Thank you Anna!

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12405-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz

Hypothecation is a fancy word for fraud. It concerns a purely hypothetical debt owed by a pure hypothetical corporation. It allows a Third Party to claim that a corporation named after you and operating under your NAME is standing good for their debts. It allows them to take title to your body, land, home, marriage, children, and all else you may have on earth, and use it as collateral for their debts—- all without telling you or having any valid agreement with you at all.

Do you smell a great, big, fat, stinking rat yet?

Those who have been following along now know that Maritime Law (also known as Commercial Law and (Roman) Civil Law and Law Merchant is an ancient system of laws and codes that arose thousands of years ago and is based upon the worship of Satan (the Father of All Lies)…

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